Frequently Asked Questions
We want to simplify the process of choosing Broadview Construction as a general contractor by providing you with straightforward responses to some frequently asked questions.

Is Broadview Construction insured?

Yes, fully insured and bondable.

What size projects does Broadview Construction excel in?

Every project is unique, so we encourage you to reach out and we can discuss your project further to see if Broadview Construction would be a good fit.

What types of projects do you do in the residential construction setting?

We strive to be as efficient as possible and in doing so have found our niche in renovations to be full floor installations, additions (second stories, bonus rooms, in-law apartments), outbuildings (garages), with custom finish carpentry throughout the project. We also do new construction projects as well.

I need a bathroom remodeled; can you just do that?

To be honest, we have in the past. We find that it isn’t the best use of your time with us. If it is something higher end with a great deal of intricacy you are always welcome to reach out. We find that with bathroom remodels, you are paying us for a number of half days as we wait for things to set and dry, etc. and it isn’t the best use of your budget.

Do I need to give you a budgetary number when we meet?

We strongly encourage it. This can be hard for clients to share, but it is extremely important to help us make sure we can make your vision a reality. Our job is to manage expectations based on your vision and resources. Without knowing the resources we have to work with, our proposal is more likely to surpass your budget.

What is the best way to start a project?

You can provide us with plans detailing the scope of work, or we can meet onsite to develop a scope of work together. Once a scope of work is clearly defined, we will provide you with a budget/proposal. Once all parties are agreeable to the proposal a formal contract will be issued for all to sign.

After a contract is in place, how long until the construction will start?

We will need to schedule around projects that have been under contract prior to your contract, then as long as all critical path materials are available, we will start you project and won’t leave until it’s completed.

What happens if I want to change something in the scope of work or we run into unforeseen circumstances?

All changes to the contract whether initiated by the owner or initiated by unforeseen circumstances will first be addressed by a proposal for change outlining the change in the scope of work and the change in the contract price. A proposal for change may have multiple items on it if needed. Only Items that are approved will then go into the formal change order for signatures.

What is the typical billing structure?

At Broadview Construction Corporation, we typically bill at the end of the month for services rendered based on the percentage of completion. We will provide you with a draft of your bill for review, then if there are no objections to the draft invoice, we will issue a formal invoice.

How can I pay?

Broadview Construction currently only accepts payment by check.

What type of communication can I expect during the project?

Clear communication. We will set up onsite meetings if possible. Depending on the complexity and schedule of the project they may be anywhere from weekly to monthly. If issues arise along the way emails and phone calls may be used to address them.

What kind of crew do you utilize?

We only use the highest quality, professional and skilled workers, all of whom are insured. In addition, licensed if required.

Where do the products come from that you need for my project?

All project requirements differ, but we strive to use local resources as much as possible. With years of experience in the industry, we have relationships with many quality manufacturers and businesses that allow us to pass on that quality to you.

What type of warranties do you offer?

We warrant all work to be free of defects in craftsmanship for a period of 365 days from the date of Substantial Completion of your project. Manufacturers of materials, fixtures and equipment may have longer warranties and we will supply you with the appropriate paperwork to submit for those warranties.

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