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Our Mission

At Broadview Construction Corp., we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service by setting high standards. We understand that to achieve this, we need to be efficient, work with quality team members and vendors, and offer exceptional two-way communication to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We embrace innovation and strive to maximize the potential of all projects, regardless of their size.

The President

Casey Crane started his career in construction when he was a young boy helping at his dad’s construction company. He found his main passion in finish carpentry by working with some of the best in the field. Although his main passion is finish carpentry, he uses that eye for detail to ensure every project is done with precision and lasting quality. In 2009 he decided to use the skills he honed in his already 14+ years in the industry to go out on his own and he has not looked back since. In the time he has been leading the way for Broadview Construction Corp, life did not stop. He married his wife Crystal and had two healthy and energetic boys, Parker and Brecken. When he isn’t working, you’ll find him at the lake spending quality time with his family boating, fishing and perfecting his amazing cannon ball jumps!
Casey has used his experience and knowledge to develop a team of seasoned professionals with a thorough understanding of architectural and engineering principles that specifically benefit our clients. Casey is ultimately responsible for each and every project we take on, his focus on quality and attention to detail along with selecting projects consistent with our talents ensure success on every project.


Core Values

Efficiency - We take pride in accuracy and efficiency; we strive to use quality products installed by qualified and experienced team members and subcontractors. We understand that timelines are important for everyone and work hard to ensure that the project runs as smoothly and streamlined as possible.
Transparency - We value inclusive, two-way communication, as projects get underway, we work together to find solutions to issues that arise and ensure that everyone's perspective is understood. We ask questions, offer perspective based on our decades of experience and expertise and do our best to ensure a mutual understanding of common goals.
Responsibility -When you work with Broadview Construction Corp. you will quickly learn that we work hard to own our mistakes or the mistakes of those we hire. We do not try to hide issues or problems. It isn’t the easiest part of our job, but we value all the relationships we make and work to hold ourselves and those we work with accountable.
Professionalism - We strive to be as professional and respectful as possible. From having an organized site and cleaning up our job sites daily to having our team members in logo ’ed clothing and vehicles. We are usually working in or on one of your most expensive possessions, with or around those near and dear to you and do not take that responsibility lightly.
Teamwork - you might think we mean our team specifically, but in construction, there are many team members. We work with trade partners whose standards and values align with ours. We work hand-in-hand with owners from the beginning, ensuring every detail is outlined and understood by all team members. Collaboration and meticulous planning ensures clarity on scope, costs, and overall project expectations, guaranteeing, as much as possible, a smooth journey to a successful project completion.
Our team is proficient in providing detailed proposals, estimating, project management. We strive to deliver a top-quality product by implementing innovative solutions with the best materials and craftsmanship available today. With clear and timely communication, we will work together to make your vision come to reality.
Our expertise extends to the following areas and more...
Commercial Renovations, Additions and New Construction including:
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Multi Family Dwellings
  • Tennant Fit Ups
  • Municipal Parks
  • Computer Server Rooms

Large Residential Remodels, Additions and New Construction Including:
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Master Suites
  • Bonus Rooms
  • Custom Carpentry
  • Built-In Cabinetry

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